We are a family of builders: creators of content to adorn the virtual web. Both parents and children have learned (or are learning) programming languages and design.

Dad, known online as Sandbox Paragon, is a Programmer and Game Developer.

Mom, known online as WordGrrl, operates a freelance WordPress business and runs a free code club with local grade-schoolers as well as volunteering with LadiesLearningCode from time to time.

Ripptide2100 (our oldest) & Kilagda (his fiancée) are sharing their love of gaming via the live-stream platform, Twitch.

Big Brother, going online as Jordan, aspires to be a YouTube mogul.

Little Brother, who is currently obsessed with Roblox, wants to be just like the other men in his family: creating games and playing them for fun and profit.

There’s another little munchkin growing among our ranks, and she’s an iOS user intuitive, so she’ll be sharing reviews of iPhone and iPad apps.

Join us on this site to keep up to date on the newest games in production, our struggles up the learning curve of new tech, and as a hub to jump off onto our various projects and other social media sites.