Quest2Go is the project i have spent most of the last year working on, it is a robust tool for table top gaming, in which a game master can quickly create
a world. The term world is relative, it can range from a small rural area, to an
empire of unimaginable wealth and size.

The Quest2Go can build the area in parts, so a game master can pick and choose which aids she may wish to use. build an economy, with imports exports, luxury goods and illicit goods, with a relative value scale, so the economy assumes no particular barter or trade system.

Build a Quest: the Quest2Go will create a quest with an objective, the enemies encountered, the leader of those enemies, special quest requirements, loot drops and locations. As well as fitting the quest into a quest chain.

Build a dungeon: The app will create a simple map, populate it with treasure and monsters, then fill the room with colorful context descriptions and stat blocks.

Build a Town: build a single town, including its population breakdown, governance, defensive capabilities and economic diversity.

Build a Quest Hub: the app will generate a exciting quest hub in which to base quest chains, creating a group of unique quest givers, their overall objective, the number of quests and their nature. ranging from simple broken caravan cart , to the mythic floating city above an open vortex leading to the planes of the nine hells.

Achievments: Quest2Go will delight and amaze by allowing GM’s to award game relevant achievements to their players. achievements include non-game specific accomplishments for the gaming group, such as “pity point” : complete an adventure just 1 point of experience short of your next level.

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