Challenge Accepted…

In Rapid Prototyping, Nik Palmer shared with us some industry tips he has seen in use at some of the larger studios he was with. By challenging yourself to work on a project with a limited time frame and with specific constraints (playing to your own weakness) you will not only grow in skill, but you may find some of the prototypes you make worth your while.

I accepted the challenge and forged this cute little program, it will automatically find a project for you, choose a language and set some constraints depending on your selected skill level. If you don’t like the language chosen, simply press the button for the language you prefer and start the timers, both for researching new ideas, and a timer for the actual code work, usually between 15 minutes and an hour and a half.

Link to Git hub EXE forthcoming, still building the setup project.

I completed my first challenge today 🙂 I put my software where my mouth is and challenged myself to create a pickup system for a 2d platformer, but i HAD to include the use of Union Variables… stretch the imagination and start programming, i had 16 minutes to research union variables, and another 38 minutes to code. completed it in less than 20.


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