Blair Turberfield

Download my résumé here: bturberfield

Blair Turberfield

I am a creative and insightful developer with experience in:
C#, Unity, Visual C#, HTML 5,Unreal 4, CSS 3, JavaScript, Java, IOS , Python, PHP and Objective C and Lua.



Vancouver Film School – Vancouver, BC – October 2015 to October 2016

As a student, I have developed games and apps from concept to publish in 10 different languages,
with more than 1400 hours of class time and 3500+ hours in lab production time.

Trained with agile Scrum based development. I worked in teams ranging from 1 to 6 on a number of projects.

Unity game Design:
Using Unity and C#, create a multi-player third person shooter. Design and develop a rudimentary state machine UI to control enemy units.
Using Unity and C#, design and implement an A* pathfinidng system for a co-routine based state machine to create an RTS .

Unreal Game Design:
Using Unreal, C++ and Blackboard, create a game level including simple enemy AI, stat pick-ups and sphere detection spawn controls.

VC#, Cloud Database:
Using Visual C#, create a world generator application, creating locations, communities, economies, quests, quest hubs and dungeons.

Mobile IOS:
Using XCode create an app that allows the user to shake or spin the device,GPS location, Weather app library, local and cloud storage management , QRCode reader, Face Recognition software and other iOS native operational librarires.


Programming for Games Web and Mobile
VFS holds a comprehensive 1 year course with intensive training in all aspects of programming covering a broad spectrum of skills in software and app development including 10 languages, 36 courses and nearly 5000 hours in class education and lab work.
Vancouver Film School – Vancouver, BC
2015 to 2016

Animation and Graphic Design
a two year focused program on graphic design and pre-print publishing, as well as graphics in 3D and animation.
Heinz Institute – Saskatoon, Sk – Saskatoon, SK
1998 to 2000


Who am I

I love games and the gaming industry, but more than that I love building worlds for players to explore and enjoy, I have been building game worlds most of my life, as a writer, a game publisher, a storyteller and now as a game developer. My greatest enjoyment comes from others enjoying the worlds i created for them. Its who I am and will continue to be in everything i do.


 Color Blind HTML5 game (click to play)  :

A rapid prototype of a color sorting game, complete the sort in the time allowed.

Format: HTML5

Code base: JS with additional libraries installed



Restricted Space :
A resource management game, a star ship  finds itself deep behind enemy lines, inspired by FTL, Interstellaria, X-com, and the UFO series type management systems.

Format: Windows Game

Code base: C# / .net


Heroes by Design:
A resource management medieval adventure when the player takes on the role of a new innkeeper.

Format: Windows Game

Code base: Unity



Motherlode: Slots
while a typically satisfying slots game,
I have also created a store system with changeable skins and decorative items.

Format: Windows Game

Code base: C++ scripting in Gamemaker 1.4




Ghost Haunter:
a side scrolling platform adventure, the player attempts to clear the house of ghosts while encounter some unique and some familiar haunting situations

Format: Windows Game

Code base: Construct 2



Code 2 Go:
A daily challenge project for coders, it will generate a language, and challenge for you , with a time limit and a twist, the twist becomes more significant with difficulty level selected and you can alter the desired language as needed.

Format: Windows Game

Code base: C# / .Net




Quest 2 Go:
A world building tool for tabletop games or story telling, the Q2G will create a city, dungeon, npcs, loot, quests, quest hubs, Economy and Trade and more.

Format: Windows App

Code base: C#/.Net, MongoDB, Parse Server





The DMBuddy :

This is a Windows based MongoDB tool i created to ferry information quickly to the DB, it is largely a text delimiter and query tool.

Format: Windows App

Code base: C#/.Net, MongoDB, Parse Server


Ball Buster: a Breakout Clone
This is a breakout clone created in unity for practice.

Format: Windows exe

Code base: C#, Unity


Home Interior Design:
Created to simulate living space,  to best determine the optimal layout.

Format: Windows exe

Code base: Unity 3d


The Wizards Fortune:

A Text game created in Unity as a proof of concept in 2D

Format: Windows ext

Code base: Unity, C#



Open world survival game:

Created in Unity as a proof of concept for a FPS survival game with crafting and ai components.

Format: Windows

Code base: Unity, C#